Welcome to the Love Lab

We celebrated this past Valentine's Day
with our Lemonhead Homeschooling group
by going... the Love Lab.

I set up some several simple scientific activities
for us to do on a card table,
using test tubes and heart containers,
to get the kiddos in a "experimental" kind of mood.

Most of the experiments revolved around candy
in some way,
since V-Day often has us thinking about
chocolates and conversation hearts.


Activity 1: Death by Chocolate
it was really anywhere near death,
but I did torture the kiddos' taste buds
with THIS simple experiment
using Hershey Kisses and their mouths.
(Nice, huh?)


Activity 2: Floating M&M's

After placing some M&M's and Sixlets
into the bottom of a couple of cups...
...we poured water over them and waited.
Sixlets results
M&M's results

(I know it's hard to see, but we DID get a couple of floating
"M's" on top of the water.

You can read all about this experiment
and how it teaches water solubility
by clicking HERE
When the experiment was completed,
these two goof balls
dares each other to drink the
candy filled water...
Yum, yum.



Activity 3: Unsinkable Marshmallows 
Using mini-marshmallows...
...the kiddos tried to see if they could sink
them in a cup of water.
A couple of them achieved success,
after they did something to their marshmallows,
which you can read about HERE.


 Activity 4: Dancing Hearts
To make Conversation Hearts" dance,
all you need to do... drop some into some Club Soda.

Here they are in action:
Read about why this works
by going HERE.


Activity 5:  Funny Putty 
I got these putty kits
from the leftovers of one of our Vacation Bible Schools
a couple of years ago.
The kiddos added a bit of water to the powder
and waited until they had putty.


Activity 6:  Awesome Apothecary Pouches
Using THIS tutorial,
the kiddos turned matchboxes
into little pouches they could carry
"medicinal treasures" in.


Activity 7: Mentos- the Fountain Maker
Using Diet Coke, Mentos, and
we ended our
time in the Love Lab with a bang...
You can read why this experiment works the way it does
by going HERE.


I do believe we all developed a deeper affection
for science in the Love Lab!


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  1. What fun. I never would have thought to do a V-Day candy science lab. Clever!

  2. Love it! Except for the drinking of the candy water - GROSS! :)