February Tot Boxes

This year,
I have had a goal for the little I watch
to direct their playtime
with a little bit of learning using
Tot Boxes.

Here are the boxes I have had on hand for them
during the month of February...


What's in the Hearts?
Since Valentine's Day is in February,
some of the boxes have a heart theme.

My littles love to open and close things,
so I filled several heart shaped boxes... 
...with different Valentine erasers, words, etc.


Measure My Love
I placed several Valentine erasers,
a couple of heart shaped ice cube trays,
and a set of heart shaped measuring spoons
in this box.
The kiddos played with this box like they
were baking up some cookies-
I wish i had gotten pictures of them playing
because it was so cute!


Stamping Up Some Love
Filling this box with scraps of paper,
a child-friendly stamp pad,
...some toddler friendly stamps...
...led to some fun discoveries.

One of the biggest discoveries was...
...stamp pads CAN also stamp on your face!

Imagine that!

Play with this box also resulted in...
...some fun play in the tub!



Lovely Blocks
I got these foam shaped block a little while ago
(at the Target Dollar Spot, I think),
and I had no idea how much fun the littles-
AND big kiddos-
would have with them...

(Isn't he sweet?)


Besides Valentine themed boxes,
I also had a few Olympic themed one
in honor of the Sochi Winter Olympics...

Olympic Ringer
The idea for this box was for the littles
to throw the red pom poms
into the pipe cleaner Olympic rings.
This lasted for about-
1 minute.

Not a big hit with my littles,
but it might be for yours.


Olympic Ring Trace
I laminated a couple of pictures
of the Olympic Rings and placed them in the box
with some dry erase markers.
 These kept Pretty Princess Pants quite entertained
for a good 20 minutes or so...


Nice-to-Meet-You Nesting Dolls
The nesting doll is a symbol for Russia,
and since the Olympics were held in Sochi,
I thought these would be a fun addition to our
Olympic tot boxes.

I printed out these Russian Nesting Dolls
laminated them,
cut them out,
and pasted them onto toilet paper tubes.
This little was so expressive
while she played with them...


I do believe the tot boxes are a hit!

I hope to keep this up
so my little have new "toys" to play with
every month!


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