January 30th-February 5th

Highlights from this week included:

*We hit the Oregon Trail
with our Lemonhead Homeschooling Group,
using THESE printables

*Spent all of Saturday cleaning up out garage,
since it was not freezing weather outside

I am so glad we did-
the next day was MUCH colder,
and now I can FIND stuff again!

And I really need to compliment my kiddos
on how well they worked for Super Dad and I-
I was really grateful for their help.

*We began learning about Faith
in Junior church,
and continued Spanish lessons
on Sunday nights.

*I had less of my littles this week,
but those I did have played with tot boxes
(I hope to write about these soon)
and worked on the Letter M

*Learned more about the Circulatory System-
specifically about what makes up our blood
and what is blood pressure

*We celebrated National Nutella Day
with THIS yummy popcorn recipe

*Got all my ducks in a row to host
the Parent Meeting about our upcoming
4th and 5th grade youth group trip to

*Began prepping some activities
to celebrate the Sochi Winter Olympics
over the next couple of weeks

*Started 14 Days of Love with my silly
Valentines for the kiddos,
as well as getting all of my V-Day decor
up and out


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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