January 16th-22nd

Highlights from this past week include:


*FINALLY hosting
Little Wild Man's 
Mindcraft Birthday Sleepover Party

He turned 8 on December 12th,
but due to our crazy December,
we could not have the party until this past Friday.

There were a total of 7 kiddos in our home,
4 of whom were boys
with A LOT of energy.

But it was perhaps the easiest sleepover I have ever hosted!

We basically threw food at them all night
and sent them upstairs to play video games.

Little Wild Man loved it!

*Spent 7 hours cleaning out the
church resource room

Since our children's minister left,
the "powers that be"
really wanted the resource room to have a
good clean out
before the new children's minister is hired.

So the preschool interim minister,
her daughter,
and I
spent all Saturday afternoon and evening
cleaning it out
and organizing it.

Perhaps the FUNNIEST items we
uncovered during the clean out were

1. 100+ pairs of panda ears

(SERIOUSLY- those things were EVERYWHERE!)

2.  Almost filling a 10 gallon container with dried beans

I am now wondering how to incorporate
these two items into a Sunday School lesson-

*Working with the little on the letter L

*Learning about the nervous system in Science

*Getting the laundry back under control

(I swear the 
dirty clothes pile multiplies
when I am sleeping at night!)

*Re-organizing our Lemonhead Homeschooling Group
study plans


To read a photo play by play 
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. lol The panda ears are from VBS a few years ago? I know we had them also! Pandamania! lol Enjoy your weekend Amber!

  2. 100 pairs of panda ears -- that is plenty. Wonder what fun things you can do with those. The birthday party sounds like it was easy.

  3. I like the idea of appreciate a dragon day. That is my kind of day! I also have two year old who was really excited about your Bubble Gully doll picture :-)