Appreciate a Dragon Day 2014

Back in 2004,
author Donita K. Paul
in honor of the release of her book

When our family heard about this special day
at the beginning of January,
you better believe we were on board
with a mini-celebration!

We all love fantasy literature and movies,
but my eldest,
Jungle Girl,
takes that love to a whole other level.

She is in LOVE with dragons-
Toothless from the
Here is a sample of her Toothless collection
that we used to decorate
for the special day.

(I LOVE it!)


To begin our special day,
we decorated the place with
Jungle Girl's dragon collection...

Then our buddies arrived from our
Lemonhead Homeschooling Group,
and we were ready to celebrate!
we crafted up some cute
Chinese Dragon puppets.
(Found at Kids Soup)

Then it was snack time!

On the menu was...
...Dragon Claws
(aka Frito Corn Chips)
and the dangerously delicious...
...Dragon Crunch!

I used a recipe similar to THIS one
to make the Dragon Crunch,
except I used white chocolate baking squares
instead of white chocolate chips
(our homeschooling buddies are allergic to gluten).

I also added green food coloring to the white chocolate
to give it a more "dragon-ish" appearance.

While the kiddos ate,
I read aloud...
...Eric Carle's

This book was highly entertaining,
especially for the older kiddos,
since they have an appreciation
for all mythical creatures.

I mean, come on, he has a picture
of a Hippogryph in the book-
who WOULDN'T love that?


Next I had the older girls
go outside...
...and hide some dragon eggs.

The littles enjoyed the hunt,
albeit rather chilly...

there were no baby dragons in our eggs...
 ...just Tootsie Rolls...

...but I think they were OK with that!

the older kiddos ended the day
to put together...
...this dragon craft kit.

So far,
only the head is completely assembled.

I do NOT recommend this kit
if you get frustrated easily.

The directions are not the best,
but I am confident that in a couple more sittings
we will have this thing put together
and ready to decorate.

Puzzles are good for the mind,

Every kiddo also left with
their own...
...Dragon Hunter Kit,
which I am certain they will put
to good use.

All in all,
I do believe we showered the dragon
with love much today.
We are now looking forward to
Appreciate a Dragon Day

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  1. Ooohhh, that does look fun.

    Her dragon collection looks rather like Batman's manta ray collection.