We've Got Nerve! (Nervous System Activities)

During this semester,
the kiddos and I are beginning a journey
all about 
The Human Body
using mostly
book as our guide.

We will go through he entire human body
by examining the different systems,
starting with
the Nervous System...


The Brain

As the control center for the nervous system,
and the entire human body,
the brain is THE boss.

To understand our bodies' boss better,
we learned about its different parts and
its different lobes.

We created...
...THESE Brain Caps.

Our dear friends from our
Lemonhead Homeschooling Group
(with Gluten-free midifications)
for us all to enjoy!


After learning about the brain,
we discovered how the Nervous System
communicates with Neurons.
We watched THIS video as an intro
to the subject...
...while eating popcorn, of course!

...after donning our study glasses...
...we completed THIS
Straw Blown Painted Neuron page-
even if it gave us a headache!


When we got together
with our homeschooling buddies...
...we played a
nervous system communication game
found in our AIMS book.


To cement all of the information we learned
about the nervous system,
we used...
...a brain puzzle...
...and a couple of file folder games,
all of which can be found

The Nervous System IS really boss,
isn't it?


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