Animal ABCs: Letter A

It is one of my *goals* this school year
to post about all of the
Animal ABC activities
I do with my littles,
though knowing my crazy schedule,
I will not get them all posted until NEXT October!

(Can I get an amen?)  ;0)

Without further adieu,
here is all the fun my preschoolers had
learning about
"A" is for Alligator and Ant...


Letter A Alphabet Box
(Read more about the items in the Letter A Box
by going HERE...)


Preschool Workbox Drawers
Letter Art

This Alligator A is from the 1+1+1=1

We have created the Alligator A before in our house
(see HERE),
and the Apple A was inspired by THIS post.


Cutting Practice

This activity was from The Dollar Tree.


Dot-a-Dot Page

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Pattern Blocks


Play-Doh Letters

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Letter A Printables

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Name Practice
The boys practiced spelling their names out
by making name bracelets
with alphabet beads and pipe cleaners.


Wooden Alligator Coloring Fun

(Alligator kits were found in JoAnn's $1 section)


Letter A Themed Books
I FORGOT to take pics
of all the books we read-
I PROMISE to do better in future posts!)
Alvin the Alligator
also hung out with our Letter A books,
and the kiddos really enjoyed when he
read to them...


Letter A Snack
Apple Jacks-
a childhood favorite of mine! :0)


Extra Alligator Fun
Meet Snappy.

He is a stuffed baby alligator
that was my Uncle's years ago.

I was TERRIFIED of Snappy as a child.

My family thought that was funny.

and I *wonder* where I get my weird
sense of humor from...)

My mother gave Snappy to me
a few years ago.

He is falling apart,
but it was pretty cool for the littles
to see an ACTUAL alligator-
and I made CERTAIN they were not scared of him
like I used to be!


You can also check out other
Letter A ideas
we didn't get to on my


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