What's Happenin'...

Has it really been over
since I have posted on my blog?


I am hoping to get back in the swing of things soon,
but I wanted to give y'all a quick look
into my life as of late,
since it has been FULL of some pretty interesting events...


First of all,
our church held their 15th year of the
Lil' Angels Attic Consignment Sale.

It takes a lot of time, man power...
...and caffeine to run this sale.

The committee of 12 or so ladies who "run" it
are at a crossroads with the sale.

Many of us do not have the time or energy to do this twice a year.

(It takes 5 evenings a 2 days to set up, check in, hold the sale,
and clean up after it- 
and that is NOT including the hours put in for sign ups
and publication for the sale beforehand.)

We will meet in the future-
to see what we will do to change things.

It is a GREAT benefit to our community and children/youth ministries
at the church,
but we need HELP to keep it going...


Baby Girl and I tried out for the
of their holiday musical "Annie."
(Here is Baby Girl waiting to be called for her try out-
I was DEFINITELY more nervous for her
than she was for herself!)

Baby Girl did not get cast,
but I DID!

I will be part of the ensemble,
including playing the small role of "Sophie."

Oh law-
am I ready for this?

It has been a few years since my musical days,
but I am looking forward to it.

I am SO THANKFUL to have my family's support
to fulfill a secret dream of being in this musical...  :0)


But perhaps the most dramatic event of these past three weeks 
was the early birth of...
...this sweet baby boy,

He was the nephew of my dear friend Karen,
and he went to be with Jesus
after four days here on Earth.

I went to the funeral this past Saturday,
and it was a service filled with hope,
since the family are believers in Christ.

But this event really affected me more than I realized.

Couple with the bustle of the sale
and the busyness of living,
I just has a minor break down on
Friday evening,
thinking about it all.

I am so sad for the people Cullen had to leave behind,
and so grateful for the three healthy kiddos I have had
the honor of raising.

I needed to write all of these jumbled happenings down
before I forgot.

As life continues to be busy,
I need to REMIND myself of what is truly important,
and try to live life to the fullest.

Carpe Diem,


  1. You've been on my mind this week - I thought it was because I still am trying to get organized enough to get a little something together for your sweeties - now I see it was because you needed prayer. That's one I can take care of right now!

  2. I was realizing as I read this the number of posts I've written just to help me process what is going on.

    Might I suggest instead of Carpe Diem, Carpe Aeternitam? Seize Eternity. I'll be praying for you and the family.