August 29th-September 4th

Highlights from this past week include the following:

*Finishing up learning about the letter B with the littles
using a tasty M&M activity

(I will post more about that later...)

*Attending our 2nd Lemon Head Coop Group meeting,
in which the kiddos presented their Rock Reports 

*Spending the entire weekend in my PJ's-
the same pair

Super Dad decided to share his Super Cold
with me,
and the first couple of days of it
you feel like doing 
but sleeping.


*Took a shower and dressed in real clothes
on Labor Day to attend
a family get together meal
to celebrate Labor Day

*Began learning about the letter C
with the littles,
soil samples with the older kiddos,
and Johnny Appleseed with everyone

*Got the kiddos art work ready for the
and dropped it off
for the craft fair competition

*Praying our garage door-
which is on its last leg-
will be able to be fixed by Super Dad

Because not only is the garage door broken,
but our transmission is about to die,
the door to Super Dad's car won' t open,
and the floorboards in our house
are beginning to buckle again.

I swear,
when it rains,
it pours...

But God is in control,

I am glad he is,
'cause I sure seem to muddle it all up
at times!



To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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