August 1st-7th

Highlights from this week include the following:

*The girlies participating and taking 2nd place
in the
Cupcakes in the Park contest

(I will be posting more about that later...)

*Enjoyed playing at the park
in the fountains with all my littles,
as well as learning about flowers and worms
at the Cupcakes in the Park celebration

*Finishing up our Ocean preschool unit

(Again, more to come...)

*Going garage sale hunting on Friday and scoring
some much needed
as well as a few other fun finds

I mean,
who WOULDN'T take a Sombrero from Cancun
if someone gave it to you
for free?

*Said good-byes to my brother and his wife
(and my soon to be born niece)
so they could return back to New Jersey

*Snatched up a few school supplies
since it was tax free weekend in Tennessee,
as well as a few fun
Minecraft shirts for the kiddos

I bet those shirts will improve their concentration level
during school immensely...

*Began watching Smiley B and Mad Max again!!!  :0)

*Wasn't feeling so hot on Tuesday,
so I went to check in with my 
friendly neighborhood Physician Assistant

Looks like I am just struggling with 
seasonal allergies.

You know that Knoxville, TN is #1 in the nation
for those, right?

and while we were there,
an ambulance came to pick up one of the

He was sadly having a heart attack!

The kiddos, of course, were more interested
int he ambulance being there...

*Got through Wednesday
with school and laundry checked off of the 
to do list-
now I gotta start getting my kiddos to leave me 
for a week!


To read a photo play-by-play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. Cupcakes in the Park sounds like a blast! In another couple of weeks we have PIE in the Park. We've never gone; it's a fund raiser for the community. We're hoping to get there this year though! Anyway, I'm making cupcakes right now! LOL Pound cake cupcakes with fresh strawberry cream cheese frosting. New recipe! And doesn't Minecraft make everything better? LOL (I've got to figure out a way to add it into our regular school studies!)

  2. Sounds like a great summer week. I am curious about Cupcakes in the Park.