August 15th-21st

Highlights from this week include the following:

*FINISHING the plans for our mini coop meetings
while the kiddos were still away at Nana and Papa's!

I really did get SO MUCH DONE with homeschool planning
while the kiddos were away for the week.

You can read all about the curriculum we will be using
this year by clicking HERE,
and learn the details of our mini coop
(aka The Lemon Heads)
by clinking HERE.

It feels SO GOOD to be "on top" of things in our
homeschool for once-
now to STAY on top of it-
that IS the challenge!

*The kiddos arrived home,
bringing Nana and Papa with them
for a day's visit

*Spent Saturday afternoon with the family at
Knoxville History Days

This is the reason the photo collage
is in a Sepia time this week.

Many of the photos featured are from our experience
at Knoxville History Days.

Each year,
the historical society holds a FREE event
to promote the history of Knoxville, TN,
as well as historical events in general.

The kiddos can make crafts,
talk to historical reenactors,
and they open up several historical homes and forts
for free tours.

We have gone for the past 4 years,
and we learn something new every time-
and it counts as a Field Trip Day,
of course!  :0)

*Started our first FULL week
homeschooling of curriculum

We started school back in July,
but only with the basics in place-
and a few other fun things
we have been wanting to try out,
like the

After my week of planning,
we were ready to dive in with 
History and Science, too...

*Welcomed back the littles we babysit,
and started in with our
and tried to keep up with our

*Ended the week by attending Parent Night
at Jungle Girl's first youth group meeting.

I CANNOT believe my oldest is in 
Youth Group now!

where did that serious little preschooler go?


It goes by fast, people-
it goes by fast...


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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