Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop: Our VERY ECLECTIC Curriculum: 6th, 3rd, 2nd, and Preschool Levels

I am writing two posts
this year
to talk about the curriculum 
we are using for our
homeschool year.

In this post, 
I am mostly sharing what each of my kiddos
is using individually.

In the next post,
I discussed how we are doing
our group subjects-
You can read more about
that by clicking HERE....


First up
is Jungle Girl's curriculum.

She is in 6th grade this year,
which is "Middle School" level
in East Tennessee.

Here is what we are beginning her year with:

As a family,
we are continuing our study of the 
book of Luke,
using The Dig and
Good Morning Girls
she continues to go through her
Rock-N-Happy: The Devotional 
by Yancy

When she finishes this,
we will look for a new devotional for her
to go through.

I really want her to learn more
than just Bible facts and stories-
I want her to learn to develop a quiet time
with Jesus
and deepen her relationship with him.

This is why I choose to handle Bible
in the manner that I do...

She is learning all about fractions this year
with Math-U-See's

Jungle Girl will complete several lapbook/notebook studies 
based on novels which will be tied to our
History units.

(I will discuss more about this in my next curriculum post...)

We are beginning the year with a study on Native Americans,
so she is currently reading
and completing a lapbook on Pocahontas

Copywork is how she is currently getting in her spelling,
language arts, and cursive writing lessons.

We are using the book
for her copywork right now...


Here is the curriculum we are using for
Baby Girl this year,
who is currently in 3rd grade...

For her personal devotional time,
she has been reading
Shelia Walsh's
God's Little Princess Devotional Bible.

Baby Girl is almost through
Math-U-See's Beta book,
and then she will go right into multiplication
with the Gamma book.

Reading and Language Arts
Just like Jungle Girl,
Baby Girl is completing lapbook studies
that go along with our History this year.

She is beginning by reading all of the
American Girl
Josefina books...
...and filling in the lapbook found at Homeschool Share.

We need to get this ordered,
and once we do,
she will start up her Spelling lessons again with

Maybe this is one day going to be a lost art form,
but I am still teaching it to my kiddos,


Here is the curriculum
for Little Wild Man,
who is now in 2nd grade...

He is not doing any personal devotion yet,
since he is not a strong reader yet-
he will just do the Bible study I mentioned before...

Little Wild Man just started Math-U-See's
Beta this year,
so I suspect this will be his only math book for the year.

Read and Spelling
After he finishes up
which should be soon,
he will be heading into level 2
for the rest of the year.

For Little Wild Man's Language Arts
and handwriting practice,
he is continuing to write different nursery rhymes.

He also needs some extra work
on his lowercase letters,
so I found...
...THESE fun worksheets
which I would like him to complete this year.


for the preschoolers I babysit in my home,
we are using the...

(In case you are curious how I babysit other little ones
while I homeschool my own,
you can read THIS post I just wrote about it...)


and I do NOT want to forget to talk about our
Fine Arts supplements!

...we will be using the FANTABULOUS Mary Prather's
SQUILT curriculum,
as well as trying to learn to play the recorder
with a little 


We will be doing a lot of arts and crafts
with our History/Science units,
but I would also like to teach the kiddos
some more about different techniques using... inches,
which are explained very nicely by Gail
over on

In my next post,
I will explain more in depth
what we are doing for History and Science this year-
I am very excited about it!


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