Monsters University Week: Monster Meals and Tasty Treats

Now what would a 
Monsters University Theme Week
...foodie fun?

I tried to provide either a 
Monstrous meal
or snack 
everyday during
our week-
and here they are in the order
we ate them... 



(Idea via HERE)


(The Monster student ID cards were from the back
of the Mac 'n Cheese boxes.)

(I "attached" the candy eyeballs to the grapes
with Cool Whip.)


("Fuzzy" toothpicks were from The Dollar Tree.)

(These Monster cut outs were from the 
back of the Cheez-Its box.)



This snack is what I like to call
"Mike Wazowski in a Cup."
It is just green jello 
with an Oreo and chocolate chip on top...


Monstrous Mocktails
were on the snack menu one afternoon...
...along with MU Fruit Snacks.

To make the drink...
...freeze whatever flavor of Kool-Aid you would like
into ice cube trays...
...and pour Sprite on top of them.
Make certain to serve the beverage with
three straws,
since some monsters are known to have 
three mouths... ;0)

I do believe my little "monsters'
enjoyed all of the fun food from out week!


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  1. I think the grapes with an eye is my favorite - very creative!

  2. You came up with some really fun stuff this week!