Despicable Me 2 Week: Mad Science, Part I

Part of our
Despicable Me 2 week of learning
included some
"Mad Science" experiments,
...the brilliant but aged 
Here are my little mad scientists,
ready to get their hands dirty...

Before we got started,
I read...
Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.
The first couple of science experiments
we did were kits I have had stored
for some time we needed a bit of educational fun.
 One day we played with these
fake snow kits from
The Dollar Tree.
You can read all about the Science
behind these kits
by reading THIS blog post.

We have done this experiment in the past,
and greatly enjoy it!


Another day
(after I got the Half and Half we needed for the experiment)
we broke open the
...and Piggy made certain 
to wear his safety goggles during the process!
 After 10 minutes of "tortuous" stirring
the ice cream mix in the machine...
 ...the kiddos enjoyed eating...
...the fruits of their labor.
 The "mad science" behind this tasty treat
relates to the endothermic process,
which you can read all about 
since this experiment is similar to making
"Ice Cream in a Bag."
Come back next week
to Science Sunday to see
the rest of our Mad Science fun...

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  1. There's a Blizzard maker? I want one........ I also need to check out the Jon Szcieka book.