Instant Snow

Last week,
snow was predicted for 
East Tennessee,
but it often gets predicted
and never shows up,
especially for us living in the valley.

I decided to pull out...
...the "Make Your Own Snow" kits
I bought at The Dollar Tree
a little while back.

If we were not going to get
the real thing,
then, by golly,
we would make our own!

Each kit contained...
...a fine white powder.
 After putting a teaspoon of the powder
in a cup...
 ...and adding 2 ounces of water to it...

...the kiddos each created some
lovely snow-like material.
It was fun to get in the "snow"
and squish it and squeeze it...
All the kiddos had a great time playing with it,
and were amazed how the fine powder 
expanded so much
after the water was added to it.

(To understand the why and how
this lovely stuff works,
just click HERE...)

Just know that if you decide to do this experiment 
with your kiddos,
you might need to take cover...
...from any snowballs that may come your way!  ;0)


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1 comment:

  1. The look on her face as she touches the snow, oh it's priceless.

    We've only ever done the diaper snow, and the kids really enjoyed that. I should try the instant snow sometime though.