Despicable Me 2 Week: Disguise a Minion

 One of the activities the kiddos completed
during our
Despicable Me 2 week
was called...
..."Disguise a Minion."
I gave each kiddo a copy of this coloring page,
(which I found HERE),
some crayons and markers...
...and a sheet of stickers from...
...this Photo Booth Fun Sticker Book
I found in the JoAnne's Dollar Spot.
Using a minion figurine as a model...
...the kiddos colored their minions,
and then came up with sticker disguises
for them to wear on their next undercover mission...

but the sticker disguise madness didn't stop there...
...the kiddos then used the stickers
to disguise themselves...
...along with these mustache finger tattoos,
which I found at The Dollar Tree.
(Bet ya didn't even know it was me, did ya?)  ;0)

Keep coming back the rest of the week
to see what else we did for
Despicable Me 2 Week...

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  1. Ha,ha,ha...this is fantastic...but wait till you see our post tomorrow :)