Despicable Me 2 Week: Evil Minion Target Practice

After seeing
Despicable Me 2,
I KNEW we had to somehow include the...
...the Evil Purple Minions in our week of
learning fun.

I was inspired to create a game
based on the idea of air pressure when I found...
...these air rocket launchers at Wal-Mart
in the clearance section.

I then bought some purple cups at
(where else)
The Dollar Tree...
...and purchased
THESE Minion goggles printouts
to create...
...a cup tower of
Evil Minions.

(I had to color the inside of the goggles
purple since the originals are yellow,
as well as added parts of a fluffy purple pipe cleaner
to the back of the cups.)

The kiddos then practiced the power of air pressure
by firing their launchers at the tower,
trying to knock down as many minions
as they could in the process.
if I had been on top of my game,
I also would have made the kiddos watch
so we could have deepened our knowledge 
about air pressure.

But alas,
I was not thinking far enough ahead
to secure a couple of this 
Magic School Bus episode.

Hopefully, though, I will soon be able
to purchase...
...The Magic School Bus:
The Complete Series
soon, so I will never find myself missing out
on furthering the kiddos' education.

(In fact, it is on sale right now over on Amazon-

Since the kiddos did not knock down many minions
with the air rocket launches,
I let them get out the balls
and use their own force to knock down to tower-
just like we did during out

In fact,
Little Wild Man found the 
Mike Wazowski cups
we used during that week
and created...
...a gigantic Mike/Minion tower to knock over!

I am gonna show ya what rubber gloves
had to do with our
Despicable Me 2 Week,
so please come back and visit!

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  1. Those are great minions! I purchased the Magic School Bus series this last school year, and the younger children watched through them - one each day - I love that show!