Despicable Me 2 Week: The Anti-Villian League's Top Secret Headquarters

In the Despicable Me 2 movie,
Gru has been recruited by...
...the Anti-Villain League
(aka the AVL)
to assist in catching a dastardly criminal. 

The AVL recruited Gru because of his criminal past-
he can think like a criminal,
therefore providing them with essential knowledge
for catching the bad guys.

I purchased the ebook version of...
so the kiddos and I could learn the secrets behind
this crime fighting association.

(You can also purchase a copy of this book in paperback
by going HERE.)

Much info was divulged in the book,
but the location of the AVL's headquarters
was kept a secret.

having seen the movie,
(and even after watching the movie trailer),
a person can surmise that the headquarters 
is located some where in the ocean.

I gave the kiddos...
...Crayola's Cling and Play Activity Scene:
Sea Discovery
to play with,
making them feel like they were 
on their way to the AVL's headquarters.

(I found this Crayola product at
Target's Dollar Spot,
packaged with two other sets for $3.)
We began our play with the set in the school room...
 ...but the fun quickly moved to the kitchen table since
little Miss Pretty Princess Pants
wanted to chew on all the pieces.  ;0)

(Doesn't she look adorable
trying to see what the older kiddos are up to?)

Since we moved near the windows,
it did not take long at all for the kiddos
to ditch the play mat
and move all the sea creatures...
...to the windows.
Baby Girl was very proud of this masterpiece...
She called it
"The Aquarium."

For such a low price,
the fun of these cling and play figures
has lasted for a few days-
I highly recommend them!


Up next for our week of
Despicable Me 2 fun:

Evil Minion Target Practice


  1. A window aquarium...that's soooo cute...she should be proud :)

  2. Very cute, now I want a window aquarium......