Vacation Bible School- Kingdom Rock Style...

For our church's 
Vacation Bible School program this year
we truly wanted to be an outreach
to the community around us.

In order to do this,
we prayed, 
we planned,
God answered!

we decorated our Fellowship Hall
like a castle,
loaded up vans full of kiddos,
and brought them to our opening event...
...a block party!

With crafts and food and a bounce house,
we kept the kiddos
(and ourselves!)
inviting them to come back for
our next three evenings of 
Vacation Bible School...


Evening One
Theme: God's love helps us stand strong!

Bible Story: King David


Evening Two
Theme: Family and friends help us stand strong!

Bible Story: Queen Esther


Evening Three
Theme: Trusting God helps us stand strong!

Bible Story: King Jesus


Over half of the kiddos that attended each evening
were not from families in the church,
but from families in the community!

It was WONDERFUL to see all those new faces
among all the familiar ones.

My "job" during all of these evenings 
was to lead the 
"Opening Ceremonies"
with worship, a skit, and
previewing what the kiddos would be learning about that night.

I got to dress like a queen
(an added bonus)  ;0)
which really allowed me to interact with the kiddos
in an easier manner.

Perhaps my FAVORITE moment of the week
occurred with a 3 year old boy named Alex.

He became my buddy the first night,
since he was a bit of a "runner."

During snack time...
...our children's minister took this picture of us.

He gave me a kiss on the nose right after that 
picture was taken.

It was a great way to start a wonderful week...

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  1. It looks like the leaders and helpers really got into character - that's sooo much fun! I love that VBS really opens up the doors of the church.