Nailed It: Girlie-Girl Style

I have a couple of girls
in my life
who love glitter and pink and sparkles.
both Baby Girl and Girlie V
love to be girlie.

But please do not let those sweet smiles fool you.

They also like to get in the mud
and climb trees
and play ball with the boys-
but they just prefer to have their nails done
before they get messy.  ;0)

So we did nails the other day-
girlie-girl style...


Girlie V
(age 3)
chose a pretty purple shade...
...and I added a little pink heart
to one of her thumbs.


Baby Girl
(age 8)
chose a shade of bright pink
and aqua blue...

...which we set in a wave pattern 
using french tip manicure stickers 
found HERE.

Sugar and spice,
and everything nice-
that's what little girls are made of!

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