Superhero Preschool

For our last big Preschool unit this school year,
I just HAD to do a 
Super Hero theme.

here are the 
activities we did for this unit...


"S is for Superhero"
Dot-a-Dot page

(From the 2 Teaching Mommies Super Hero Mini Unit)

I also put...
...some Spider-Man velvet coloring sheets
The Dollar Tree
in the same drawer.


Letter "S" Size Sort

(From the 2 Teaching Mommies Super Hero Mini Unit)

Our alphabet page was also in this drawer...
S is for Super Hero
Alphabet Book page

(Love the expression this super hero is making!)


Heros and Villians

(From 1+1+1's Batman Preschool Pack)

Superheroes Tracing Practice

(From the 2 Teaching Mommies Super Hero Mini Unit)


Heroes vs. Villians
Cut, Sort, and Paste Page

(From 1+1+1's Batman Preschool Pack)

The ultimate concentration
theses boys have when they cut
is absolutely as riot!


Super Hero Puzzles
These puzzles were from
The Dollar Tree...

...and this one was from the
2 Teaching Mommies Super Hero Mini Unit.


Super Hero Patterns

(From the 2 Teaching Mommies Super Hero Mini Unit)


Batman Color by Number

(From 1+1+1's Batman Preschool Pack)

There was also a 
Batman Color Matching Game
in this drawer.


Batman Spelling Pages

(From 1+1+1's Batman Preschool Pack)

This drawer also had 
batman magnets to play with,
which were purchased at
Target's Dollar Spot.


Super Hero Stick Puppets
Find the Letter Batman Game

(The puppet figure were from
Paper & Pomegranates
and the letter game was from
1+1+1's Batman Preschool Pack)
After the puppets were made,
the kiddos could use them to...
...point to the letter I would call out
in during the game.


Super Hero Costume Fun!
(Hand tattoos were from the Target Dollar Spot.)

I made the boys each a 
Super Hero cape following
and the star glasses were found at
The Dollar Tree.

...the Star Twins!
They were able to easily take care of
their arch enemy,
Fat Man...


Besides the activities in the workbox drawers,
the kiddos had...
...a Superhero Explorer Box to play in.
It was simply filled with
lots of colorful pom poms and
several different superhero action figures.


Two of our favorite books during this unit were...

When I read the latter book to 
the Puppy Prince,
and we reached the letter H...
...he made the comment
that Huge Man looks like Super Dad-
'cause they are both hairy...

(Hee! Hee!)


lunch was "brought" to us one day... a special Superhero.

Can you guess who?  ;0)


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  1. Just ran across your blog due to a google search. I'm looking for the Super Hero stick puppets to use for my sons Star of the Week poster. I've tried going to the link for Paper & Pomegranates but their site is down. I know this is an old post but I was hoping maybe just maybe you still have the file for the printables and would be willing to email them to me. I would be ever so grateful. My email address is
    joshemilybobbitt at yahoo dot com. Thanks in advance! Love your blog!