June 6th-12th

Highlights from this past week include:

*Having a little bit of fun with

*Celebrating National Doughnut Day at Krispy Kreme
with the kiddos

*Enjoying dinner and fellowship
with another homeschooling family that lives 
in the 'hood

*Keeping a stray dog for a few days,
in hopes that his owner would turn up

(The dog got out yesterday,
and has not returned,
so we are HOPING the owner found him
or he made his way safely back to his house...)

*Watched one of our baby Robins hatch-
so sweet!

*Working for three days on our front yard

There was SO MUCH work that needed to be done!

Ivy was cut down,
gutters were cleaned,
branches were trimmed,
brush was hauled away,
plants were dug up,
dirt was dug,
plastic was laid,
pooch and driveway were swept,
chairs were washed,
trash was hauled,
new rocks were laid.

I am sore,
but the front yard looks

We still need to bring in some mulch
and do a bit of pressure washing,
and I would like to paint the bench on the porch,
but at least it is presentable now...

(All this work was possible to do
since all my little ones are on
Vacay with their families this week.)

*Helped decorate the church for 
Vacation Bible School-
Woo hoo!


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. I like the owl. I need to remember National Doughnut Day next year as a trip to Krispy Kreme is such a wonderfully fun thing to do. It is nice that you have another homeschooling family right in your neighborhood.

  2. It's over 100 miles to our nearest Krispy we skipped national donut day. Glad to see someone celebrated it :)

  3. What a lovely week! One of our favorite things about spring and summer is having baby birds in our yard! It's such a joy to watch the parents work together to take care of their little ones! We love dogs, too =)

    My back hurt just reading about all the yard work. It looks beautiful, though.

    I enjoyed reading about your week. ~ Visiting from Collage Friday.

  4. Busy busy week :-) That dog sounds like he's an expert at escaping LOL!

  5. Krispy Kreme are my favorite -- they opened one less than a mile from our house about 2 weeks after we moved. I was sad.