May 23rd-29th

Highlights from this week include:

*Our neighbor rescued a baby raccoon
and let us see him

He was so cute,
but SO feisty!

*Field Day fun with our homeschooling friends

There were many fun events
the kiddos participated in,
Crab Walking.

And I burnt my shoulders-

I believe I missed them with my sunscreen...


*Spent Friday evening making
Strawberry Freezer Jam
with my parents

We call it liquid gold...
...cause it costs so much to make it.

But it is SOOOOO worth it-

*Spent the weekend
hanging out with some of our best buddies

Our friends from Michigan
came down to visit,
and we stayed at another friends house
with them for the weekend.

There was a total of
6 adults
9 kiddos in the house.


I think it was especially fun since we all
were finally introduced to our Michigan friends'
6 month old twins.

We had a great time eating and talking
and eating and watching the kiddos jump on the trampoline
and eating and hanging by the fire pit
and eating and snuggling with the babies
and did I mention eating?  ;0)

*We finished up our preschool
Super Hero activities,
including battling  the infamous...
...Fat Man!

*Watch Smiley B and Mad Max 
for the last time for a couple of months :0(

(Their Mimi and Nannie
watch them in the Summer.)

*Finished up all our schooling
for this year,
with the exception of a bit of Math and Reading.

I am now looking forward to next year,
and figuring out what all we will be learning about.

I am thinking more theme units
are in order for us this next year...


To read a photo play by play
of the above photo collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. The raccoon is adorable. It was babies all around for you - fabulous!

  2. I love this post. I would love having that many people in our house, too, but not many others would. The twins are adorable. The field day looks fantastic. I love the trampoline picture.

  3. That is a great idea. Homeschool Field Day!
    hmmmm I may have to organize one next year. YIPPEE!
    Great pictures!