March 30th-June 5th

Highlights from this past week include:

*Finally getting all my seedlings into
their pots for our little container garden

We will hopefully have
red and yellow tomatoes, cherry tomatoes,
cucumbers, and basil in a few weeks-

*Discovering another Robin nest on our porch,
filled with four beautiful blue eggs

(You can read about all of the other nests
we have observed so far this Spring
by clicking HERE.)

*Attending a planning meeting for our church's
Vacation Bible School

We will be hosting a
one day block party + three day VBS
in hopes to minister to our community.

We will be using Group's
VBS curriculum,
and I will be leading the worship/opening ceremonies
for the event.

It should be a "royally" good time... ;0)

*Celebrated Pretty Princess Pants'
1st birthday

She looked ADORABLE
in her tutu and Number 1 onsie,
eating a cake that was as big as her!

The kiddos also really enjoyed swimming in the pool
at the apartment complex in which 
the party was held,
of course...

*Played with silly string

*Introduced the kiddos to some classic cartoons
recently put on Netflix,
including Disney's version of
"The Three Little Pigs"

*Celebrated our dear friend's birthday,
Miss Marie

*Took the kiddos to their annual
eye exam

We have BAD eyes in our family,

I am legally blind without my contacts
or glasses,
and Super Dad is not too far behind me.

Jungle Girl started her glasses wearing days
in Kindergarten,
so we are making certain to keep watch
(as it were)
on everyone's eyes
with yearly check ups.

So far the younger kiddos 
do not require glasses,
but it will probably be in their future,

In fact,
the eye doctor saw something 
in Baby Girl's and Little Wild Man's eyes
this check up,
so we are waiting to hear 
whether or not the kiddos will need to go
to another specialist or not.

Prayers would be appreciated while we wait
and see what will happen,
but I am not too concerned...
yet... ;0)


To read a photo play by play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. The nest is soo pretty...we have had a few but only seen the babies not the eggs originally. Our church is not doing VBS this year - booo...but that theme sounds sooo cool! enjoy your weekend!

  2. I can't believe how many nests you've been able to observe this year - fantastic!