Sundae Bath Salts for a Mother's Day Treat

For Mother's Day this year,
came to my rescue
and gave me inspiration for the gifts 
my K-1 Sunday School kiddos 
would be giving their mothers...
...Sundae Bath Salts!

I saw the idea on THIS website,
but I wanted to show how I put them together
for a class of 18 kiddos...


I gathered up all the supplies I needed:
Bath poofs
Clear plastic cups
Epsom salt
Kosher salt
I made the bath salts for the "sundae":

Mix 1 cup of Kosher Salt with 2 cups of Epsom salt.
Add 4 drops of Peppermint Oil to the salts
and stir up the mixture.
Here are all of the bath salts
(1/2 cup in each bag)
ready to be turned into sundaes.
To make the sundaes,
just put the bag of salts in the bottom of the cup
and a bath poof on top...
...add a straw
and put a cherry pom-pom on top,
and you have a 
Sundae Bath Salt gift!
I added a note for the kiddos to sign...
 ...when they gave the 
gift to their Mamas...
...which included the instructions on the back.

They are almost pretty enough... eat!  :0)

Happy Mother's Day
to all my friends in blog land-
I hope you were all pampered a bit today...


  1. What you mean, you didn't let an entire class full of K/1 mix their own? What a downer! :)