Firefighter Lapbook

Everyday that Smiley B
worked on his Firefighter Tot Trays
he also completed sections in his
Fire Fighter Lapbook.

I downloaded the lapbook from

For the cover puzzle,
I laminated it...

...and attached Velcro to the back pieces.

This way,
Smiley B can work the puzzle as many times
as he wants too.

On the inside of the lapbook there are
several different activities.

Again, for durability, longevity, and organization,
I laminated the pieces...

...and rubber banded the loose cards together.

The back of the lapbook had a firefighter
for Smiley to color...
...with assistance from Little Wild Man.

When we finished up our Firefighter unit,
Smiley B took the lapbook
home with him.

His mother said he has played with it several times
since he's been at home.

I am SO THANKFUL to Jolanthe for creating
such a fun, educational little lapbook!


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