Firefighter Explorer Box

Besides Firefighter Tot Trays
(found HERE, HERE, and HERE)
Smiley B also had a good time
playing "firefighters" with the
Firefighter Explorer Box.

I actually put together two plastic shoe boxes
full of items for firefighting...
...along with a medium sized fire truck.

The first shoe box contained...
 ...firefighter action figures,
a wooden fire truck, a fire duck...
...plastic firefighter figures, a metal fire truck,
a Dalmatian dog... 
...a plastic play mat...
(came with the plastic firefighter figures from
The Dollar Tree)
...and a few "play fire hoses" I made
out of string and little pieces of duct tape.

The second box contained...
...THESE paper house printables,
which I laminated and attached to wooden blocks... they could stand up.


These boxes have probably been my most popular boxes
with all the kiddos thus far.
They all started playing together,
with just the items in the boxes...
...and then they got the idea to break out
Little Wild Man's army men,
who turned out to be the firefighters' "enemies."
They also broke out the BIG fire truck...
...and pretty soon, our school room was buzzing
with creative play.
I love it when the kiddos take an idea I give them
and "run with it!"


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  1. Did you see your velcro puzzle got featured on Homeschool Creation's FB page?
    Love the box!