"D" is for Dalmatian Tot Trays

For the past couple of weeks,
Smiley B has been working through a
Firefighter Unit
with his Tot Trays.
He is OBSESSED with firefighters.

In fact,
when he meets new people,
he will introduce himself as a firefighter.

What a better way to get him
excited about his
"school work"
than by using his passion?

Here are the tot trays for the 
"D is for Dalmatian" part of the
Firefighter Unit.


Pompom Spot Count Cards


Color the Fire Hydrant 


"D" is for Dalmatian Dots
This page will be added to Smiley B's
Alphabet Book.


Firefighter Puzzle

Smiley B, who is 3, needed a little bit of help
from Little Wild Man on this one...


Firefighter Word Match Up
Smiley matched up the pictures while 
Little Wild Man matched up the words...
Yahoo for team work!


Dalmatian Pumpkin Puppies
I brought home some white mini pumpkins
from the grocery store for the kiddos.

Jungle Girl saw them and asked what I got them for.

I said I wanted to let them make
Pumpkin Puppies with them,
and she immediately replied,
"Smiley B could make his a Dalmatian!"

That girl is a GENIUS!!!
I must say,
they were fun and easy to make,
and ended with a pretty cute result...  


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  1. Okay - the dalmation pumpkin is the cutest pumpkin idea I've seen this year!

    1. Oh I have MISSED seeing your encouraging comments Leah! Thank you for stopping by and saying, "Hi!"

  2. That pumpkin Dalmation is gorgeous - what a lovely idea. Smiley B definitely looks the part of the firefighter and seems to have had a great week.