Farm Fun Explorer Box

A couple weeks ago,
Smiley B and I enjoyed playing together...
...with the Farm Fun Explorer Box,
which went along with the week's
The box consisted of several kinds of
farm animals,
wooden barn cut outs,
and green dyed macaroni "grass."

B and I had a good 45 minutes or so of fun,
making pins for all the animals
and creating our own little farm world.
The cows and horses were all grazing in the field...
...the pigs were wallowing in their pen...
...the sheep dogs were corralling the sheep and goats... 
...the ducks were swimming in the pond...
...all while the farmer was feeding the chickens
in the barnyard.

And the farmer needn't worry about any critters 
getting into the feed in the barn because...
...the barn cat will make certain to chase them away.  ;0)


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