Fighting Chalk Fires

We have recently begun
Smiley B again,
along with his sweet baby brother,

Since having last watched
Smiley B,
he has acquired a new obsession...

Can you guess what it is?

Here's a hint...
This is the uniform he
INSISTS on wearing,
several times a day,
while hanging with 
The Fantastic Five.

Smiley B is fairly convinced
he will be Knoxville's next
Fire Chief.


I decided to capitalize on his new interest
by setting up a 
for he and Little Wild Man
one afternoon last week.

(I was inspired by THIS activity I did with my
kiddos a couple of years ago.)


...I drew a couple of houses
and trees with chalk
on our driveway.
 The boys then spent a few minutes
"setting the structures on fire"
by drawing chalk fires
all over the pictures...


After the fires were "lit"...
...Smiley B made certain his uniform
was properly in place... he and Little Wild Man...
 ...could put the chalk fires out with the hose.


Each of the boys got a turn
at putting the chalk fires out with the hose.
 Little Wild Man led the way...
...with Smiley B's faithful assistance.

Little Wild Man
relinquished the hose to Smiley...

 ...and guided him carefully through
the fire-extinguishing process.

A wet and wild time was had by all... :0)