TOS Crew Review: All About Reading Level 1

 Last year,
Little Wild Man and I began a journey
into reading with...

(You can read that post by clicking HERE.)


Upon the completion of the
Pre-Level Reading Program,
we will be heading into...

 ...Level 1.

I just ADORE this program.


I thought to show you how
WONDERFUL this program is,
I would just
"walk through"
the first lesson in photos...


Each lesson is
so they fear factor of knowing
what to say/focus on in the lesson
is taken away.

At the beginning of the lesson...
 ...there is a "prep" section
which allows you to know what you need
to complete the activities. 

In Lesson One, the letters 
M, S, P, and A
are the focus.

If there is any question about how to
pronounce the sounds correctly...
 ...just pop in
"The Basic Phonograms"
CD and listen.

After prepping for the lesson,
the lesson script begins.
Since the lesson is focusing on letter sounds...
...using the Phonogram Cards... a must.

After using the cards,
the lesson instructs the parent... file them back into the box,
in the review section.

Daily review segments are essential
to the reading program,
and the box dividers make it easy to be ready
the the next day's lesson.

After the card work...
 ...the lesson moves into letter tile work.

We have all our letter tiles...
 ...on a magnetic white board
in our school room.

This board is not essential to the program, however.

You could use an old cookie sheet,
or just work with the tiles
on the dining room table.

Continuing with the lesson...
...leads into a bit of a game with word making
 and the tiles.

After the tile work... a mini lesson on vowels and consonants.

Then it's time to break out...
 ...the activity book...
 ...and have your kiddo complete a simple
review activity.
Keep the reading momentum going...
 ...with some word work...
...using the green flash cards.

And when all those activities are
 ...let your kiddos place a cute star sticker...
...on his/her 
Lesson Progression Chart.


is going for
$99.95 for the basic kit.

You will need to purchase a
to go along with the basic kit,
prices ranging 

(If you already use All About Spelling,
you will probably not need to purchase
one of these kits.)


If you are in need of a
good program to teach your kiddos reading,
PLEASE check out 

And don't forget
to read to your kiddos at least 20 minutes
a day...
Ziggy said to.

If you don't... may have to answer to him!  ;0)


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TOS Crew Reviewers
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I received this product free 
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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