Science Sunday: Once in a Lifetime...

Wednesday, June 6th,
was a once in a lifetime event 
for the kiddos and I.

We went to...
the last remaining home of Tennessee's 
Governor John Sevier.

It was hosting a viewing of the
...and the weather could not
have been more perfect!

We arrived at the homestead around 5pm,
and enjoyed walking the grounds and
watching local astronomers set up their

Around 5:30...
...the lead Astronomer led a simple talk
about the Transit of Venus-
its history, significance, etc.

He then showed us...
...what we would be looking for around 6:10pm.

While we waited for the Transit to occur...
...we had the opportunity to look at the sun
through the Telescopes
and were able to see some sun spots.


I have to give my kiddos credit here,
since the lines were long because there was a bit
of a crowd at the event.

They were pretty patient and polite,
and found creative ways to keep themselves entertained
until they had their turns at the Telescope.


Finally, the big moment arrived...

I wish I had a fancy camera
to show you what we saw.

But I don't.

So here is an image I found
online that is similar to what we saw:
We saw the Transit at the angle,
since we looked through a telescope-
and the sun was green through the telescope lens.


we also looked at the Transit with the use of our 
handy-dandy Eclipse Shades...
...which the kiddos are wearing in this pic.

(Thank you, Almost Homeschoolers, for letting us know
about them- they are so cool!)

What we saw through our shades was something... this.

I promise, 
we WERE able to see the Transit with the shades,
but, again, my camera is not fancy enough
to take a good picture of it.


Whenever some cosmic event like this occurs,
I am reminded of the following Bible verse
from the kiddos' Space lapbook:

"Praise him, sun and moon;
    praise him, all you shining stars."
 -Psalm 148:3 

let's praise the Creator of the Universe...
..for giving us such a wonderful day together
to enjoy his beautiful creation!


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  1. Very cool! We were completely clouded in that day :(

  2. We had a great time viewing the transit, too! I love the pictures and the outline!

  3. That is an awesome telescope!