Cousin Camp: Day 3

 Cousin Camp continues
with Day 3 bringing
"moving indoors"
kinds of activities.

(After yesterday's Zoo Trip,
I needed to spend some time in the
air conditioning...) ;0)


We began our day with a trip to...
 This pic is of us looking into the mirror above us
while we wait in line to buy tickets.

...the movies.

Many theaters out there have great
CHEAP summer movie programs
to participate in.

and went to see... 
...Dolphin Tale.

We had seen this movie before,
but our cousin hadn't,
and I am always up for a heart-warming story...
In fact, 
I really surprised myself and teared up
a couple of times during the movie.

(Trust me-
I hardly EVER cry in movies...)

You can still see Winter the Dolphin
(star of the movie)
by clicking HERE.



After the movie,
we ran a few errands and then came home
for some crafty fun...
Crafty fun, you say?


I have several craft kits stowed away
that the kiddos and I have received over the years,
for afternoons like this one.

Little Wild Man got to try out his...
while the girls worked on
something else more "girlie."
He drew several pictures
and then promptly tested them out... our bathroom.


While Little Wild Man was drawing away...
...the girls created bracelets and rings using this
Their creations have to dry for 24 hours,
so we will have to wait to see the final results...


all the kiddos worked together to make...

Don't you just love Cousin K-K's face in this picture?

to be 11 again...
The results of the Suncaters 
 is rather pretty, 
don't ya think?


So what is up next for this group of...
...Crazy Cousins?

I do believe we will be venturing back
into the Great Outdoors...

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