June 9th-15th

This was the week of our first
(hopefully to be annual)
Cousin Camp...

The five of us spent the day in
Ashland, KY
with my family.

We went down to the waterfront,
played at the park,
ate REALLY well,
(my Aunt is an EXCELLENT cook!)
and went to see
Madagascar 3
(good movie folks-
I highly recommend it...).


We packed the van with an added family member
and headed back home.

Our Cousin KK
(who is a year older than Jungle Girl)
was staying with us
for the week,
so I decided to make this week an official
"Cousin Camp."

When we got back to Knoxville, TN,
we had a nice evening
settling in
and getting a good night's rest
for the rest of the week's activities...


Cousin Camp Agenda:







Saturday we took Cousin KK
back on Saturday afternoon,
but I will talk more about THAT
on next week's wrap-up...


To see a photo play by play of the photo
collage above,
just click HERE...


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  1. I have been following your cousin camp. It looked like SO much fun!!! I am looking forward to the two more posts.