Cousin Camp Day 6

The last day of 
Cousin Camp
began with a BIG, homemade...
...Pancake Breakfast.
It fascinates me the different ways
kiddos choose to top their pancakes...

Blueberries AND syrup?



After breakfast was done and everyone was dressed,
we packed up the van and head up to
Berea, KY and stopped at...
...The Kentucky Artisan Center.

This was the "meeting" spot in which we returned
Cousin KK to her parents.
After perusing the center and admiring
all the creative wares Kentucky has to offer,
we all went and ate at...
...The Dinner Bell Restaurant-
local cuisine at its finest!


it was time to say


We really did enjoy having Cousin KK for the week,
and we hope to have Cousing Camp next Summer too.

I *think* Cousin KK enjoyed her stay with us,
for the most part-
although I'd say she was glad to be home...
...if this hug she gave her car is any indication 
of her happiness... :0)

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  1. Your camp sounded like a blast, but you are right, there is no place like home.