June 23rd-29th

It has been one hot, hot, HOT week...


Spent the day getting some Bible Buddies
ready for Sunday School,
and then headed off to the park to finish up our 
VBS "Missions Trip"



which involved singing with the Praise Band
and lovin' on my K-1 kiddos-
then I went home and took a lovely afternoon nap.

(I just wish I would have woken up
in a better mood after said nap-
I am so sorry Super Dad!)



Time to start cleaning up the remains of
last week's adventures-
with a break to play in some buckets of water
with the kiddos in the late afternoon...



Began the day running around to do some errands
while the kiddos went to the $1 movie with 
a dear family friend-
then came home and continued
scrubbing and dusting and sweeping and washing...




We have a clean shower shower again!

(Time to tackle some closet organization...)

In the evening,
I met with a couple of mothers  from our church
who are looking into homeschooling their kiddos
in the near future.

We had some ice cream and enjoyed
a hopefully helpful discussion...



The kiddos and I headed off to a 
Birthday Pool Party-
for about 4 hours-
then spent about an hour at the Farmer's Market
with some friends.

Guess what Wonder Mom forgot to do?


We are Whitey-McWhitersons in this household.

That was not a smart move.

We are NOW all a lovely shade of Lobster Red.

(Really, we are not severely burnt,
but this is the most sun-burnt
I have been in a long while,
and the kiddos have NEVER had sun burns
like this-
Thank heavens for aloe and lavender!)



After we gingerly applied aloe and lavender,
the kiddos opened up some surprise gifties
they received in the mail:

Jungle Girl got the "Friendship Bracelet Maker,"
Baby Girl got the "My Ribbon Barrett Maker,"
Little Wild Man got "Straws and Connectors."

(Oh how I LOVE the Mindware Catalog!)

They brought their goodies to
my mom's in the afternoon
and tried them out.

Then the girls went over to 
Knit Wit's house to spend the night,
and I picked up one of
Little Wild Man's buddies home with us
to spend the night.

And now I blog in a peacefully quiet living room,
getting ready to plan a Saturday morning
of bargain shopping,
starting with the 
Old Navy $1 Flip Flop Sale...

Woot!  Woot!


To see a photo play-by-play of the above pic,
just click HERE...


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  1. You just crack me up! I want to go with you bargain shopping!!!

    Happy weekend :-)

  2. I always crave naps and then wake up cranky too. :/

    LOVE the idea of a Missions Trip themed VBS. Could be the "once upon a missionary" in me, though? ;)


  3. Yes, it sure has been hot! Sounds like you figured out a few ways to keep cool.

  4. We turn red too! It sounds like a great week. Buckets of water play sounds like a lot of fun!