TOS Crew Review: Homeschool Library Builder

I have a confession:

I am a tad addicted to children's literature.

I have a garage full of tubs of children's books...)

So I
am finding a great use for the...
...Homeschool Library Builder.


A few homeschooling families
got together and created this website
as a place for other homeschooling families
to access needed books at cheaper prices.

What I really like about the site is how they have it organized.

It is so easy to find books you are looking for,
whether you are looking by


I have been using it to look up
needed books for my 
future 5th grader.

I have always liked Sonlight's literature
choices for kiddos,
so I clicked on the 
and went to their listed

I was SO HAPPY to discover
the Chronicles of Narnia
 listed at prices as low as
as well as
for Science for only


since I signed up to be a member of the site,
when I order the books from them,
I can earn  points which will
earn me dollars off of future purchases...

(Click HERE for more details about the benefits
of membership.)


as you are pulling together your curriculum
for nest year,
please check out
I think you will find this site extremely helpful,
AND you will be supportinganother
 small homeschooling business
in the process...


Check out what other TOS Crew Members
are saying about this site
by clicking HERE...


I was sent this site to review
and given a discount and free book points
in exchange for my open and honest opinion.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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