April 21st-27th

I have a feeling,
due to "end of the year" craziness,
my weekly wrap-up posts are gonna be later than normal
over the next few weeks...

Better late than never, right?  ;0)

onto the week...
Saturday the kiddos and I
(plus a couple of friends)
spent the morning searching our 
Neighborhood Yard Sale
 for junk treasures.

(This is the reason we cannot park in our garage-
I have a children's book addiction!) 


Sunday was the usual
crazy pace,
with worship team practice,
teaching Sunday School,
taking the girls to dance practice,
going home,
back to church for His Kids practice...


My husband and I got to spend lunch-
while the girls were at dance and 
Little Wild Man had gone home with a buddy
after church.

That little lunch date did break up
the pace a bit...


Monday through Friday
we did school,

*Learning about the layers of the
Earth with play dough
(I will post about this later...)

*Reading through
during lunch one day

*Little Wild Man began working on

*Little Wild Man also greatly enjoyed
working through some of the activities in


This week was also CHOCK FULL of
birthday fun!

On Tuesday,
we went to a close friend's
Bounce House Birthday Bash
after dance practice...

On Wednesday,
I F-I-N-A-L-L-Y mailed off
birthday cards and presents
to several family members,
so the kiddos spent  a few minutes 
in the morning signing lots of birthday cards...

This leads us to Thursday,
which was
Jungle Girl's 10th Birthday!!!

I cannot believe I am a parent to a kiddo
in double digits...


We celebrated with simple decor
and little treats throughout the day.

Her family birthday party was this past Saturday,
and she will be celebrating with her friends at an
Art Party later in May.

(Double digits are a big milestone, ya know?)


To finish off our week,
Nana and Papa came down for a visit!

They live about 6 hours north of us,
so it is always special for the kiddos
when they come and have
slumber parties in the living room...


I am BRACING myself for the next two weeks.

We have the last EVER 
"His Kids" performance at church 
Sunday, May 6th.

(I am the assistant director of this children's choir
and two of my three kiddos are in it.)

It will be an emotional performance,
since the volunteer director of this choir
is officially "retiring."

Miss Carol has leading these performances
for over 20 years-
she deserves a good rest!

After that performance is over,
the girls and I will be gearing up for 
"Dance-o-palooza 2012,"
in which they will perform 5 times
in 3 nights, May 10th-12th.

I am HOPING to start "closing up"
some school subjects during this craziness,
but I know full and well we will be 
schooling into June,
and doing some academics throughout
our Summer "break."

Bring it on May Madness,


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  1. Wow! Lots of great stuff - I need a nap, and all I did was read about it :)

  2. You made me feel better when you wrote about your garage being full of books. I have a basement like that!

    Your love of homeschooling is infectious :-)