May 5th-11th

It's been "Program Palooza" here at
The Fantastic Five this week...
Saturday began with dress rehearsal for the 
His Kids program-

His Kids
(our church's children's choir)
has been directed for the past 20 years
by one FANTASTIC woman named
Miss Carol.

She decided this would be her last program as director.

I have been her assistant director for the past
5 years,
and I am NOT going to take her position,
so Sunday evening was
His Kids performance.


But it was a beautiful ending,
with a rockin' performance of the musical
"Go Go Jonah."

(I will say that a lovely young woman from our congregation
approached me about her and I taking over for Miss Carol,
and I am toying around with the idea-
but our "choir" will NEVER be as dramatically wonderful
as Miss Carol's was...)


Monday morning brought
eye appointments for the kiddos.

Jungle Girl has had glasses since Kindergarten,
and since both myself and my husband 
wear glasses/contacts,
I felt it was wise to get the others' eyes
checked out too.

Turns out,
both Baby Girl and Little Wild Man are
"on their way"
to needing glasses.

(No surprise here!)

Their eyesight is not bad enough yet
to require glasses,
but yearly check-ups will be a MUST
for all the kiddos as they continue to grow...


The rest of the week has been a 
kind of week.

(We also attended a dear friend's 
Theater Experience Performance on 
Tuesday evening...)

They had three rehearsals
and one performance already,
with two more performances on the docket
for tonight.

I ALWAYS enjoy their performances-
it gives me a chance to see just how far they have
come in a year's time...

I am off to gel some hair into buns...


To check out a  photo play-by-play
of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. Have a great weekend! I've done a few of those buns in my day, too! ;-)

  2. If you're not too exhausted after all of that, I just tagged you in a "share" type post going around.

  3. You make the BEST collages! I love a glimpse at your week!

  4. Our childrens' choir is called His Kids too. I can't beleive what they put together - amazing stuff with skits and singing. I wish I had that gift like you must. So sad it will be ending for you. I wish more folks would "step up to the plate".

    On another note, I love that costume! I too adored WW. She was my hero of choice. My husband actually found me a WW tee shirt complete with cape! He gave it to my right after the birth of #4 kid. I was pretty tickled even though I couldn't fit my postpartum body in it!