TOS Crew Review: CapJax Math

is a computer program that 
helps kiddos learn their Math Facts.

We use Math U See in our household,
and this program EASILY fits into our curriculum.


The kiddos can practice their math facts
at any level,
but it is highly recommended that all kiddos
start at the lowest level to build confidence.
 (And, if we are being honest here,
reviewing "old" information is always 
beneficial for young minds...)

As the kiddos complete levels...
...they are rewarded with merit badges,
giving achievable goals to work for.


CapJaxMathFacts is an 
EASY to download program
that costs $29.95.


did my kiddos like thew program?
they liked it better than flashcards,
that's for certain.

this is not a program they would choose 
to do to practice their facts.

(Probably because they need more
"bells and whistles"
due to their Wii game play...)

if you need to find something
to help your kiddos learn
their math facts,
I would highly recommend looking into
this program.

It might just be the right fit
for your family...


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I received a subscription to this program
for free in exchange for my 
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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