Play Dough, Pinterest, and the 3rd Planet from the Sun

Perhaps some of the most fun we have had 
while "journeying through" our Solar System
was when we stopped off at Earth
and learned about her inner layers...

After seeing 
(and seeing this idea again
I knew my kiddos were destined to make
a play dough layered Earth.
I was able to find several small packs of play dough
at Target's Dollar Spot
which I labeled...
...and put together a 
"Layers of the Earth" Kit
for each of my kiddos.

(I should have included another container of yellow
for the mantle, since it is the thickest layer.
Later during the lesson I did give each of the kiddos
another one to make their models more accurate.) 


We began the lesson by reading and discussing...
...The Magic School Bus: Inside the Earth
Joanna Cole.

...I went over THESE
Layers of the Earth cards with the kiddos.
The kiddos then matched up the picture cards...
...with the labels as review.


Then it was time for the play dough!

Each of the kiddos...
...created their own earth models using the
"Layers of the Earth" Kits.
(Apparently, silly faces help in the
construction process...)


Here are...
...their completed Earth models.
After the kiddos' finished their models...
...I cut 'em open with a pizza cutter... reveal the Earth's layers.

I highly recommend using play dough
when you teach your kiddos about the Earth.
It is such great fun!


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  1. THAT is so way cool! Those kits would make great birthday gifts, too!

  2. Very cool! I'm definitely going to try this.

  3. I HAVE to do this with my son!! Awesome;) Thanks for posting this.