TOS Crew Review: Critical Thinking Company- Mathematical Reasoning Level F

from the
looks like a normal math workbook
from outwards appearances.

(I'll be honest-
that's what I took it for
before I examined it closer for this review...)

So what makes it different
from other math texts out there?

 This book REALLY assists kiddos
in learning to think critically...
 ...all while covering national math standards. 

I really think the way this book is laid out
will prove highly effective
in teaching a variety of math skills,
all while keeping kiddos' interested.

The book makes math fun
with different games like...



...and cross-word puzzles.


It would seem like this is more of an
enrichment type book,
but I truly believe it could be used as the main
teaching text too.

The lessons taught...
 ...are clear and to the point...

...and sometimes contain rote practice drills.

Level F would definitely provide a 5th grader
with a full year's worth of curriculum,
even giving the kiddos a preview into 
new 6th grade skills.


The activities I think
provide kiddos with the most 
critical thinking skills
are activities like the following:

 (All of the above activites
have books of their own at the
Critical Thinking Company,
and would definitely be worth looking into
if you need to challenge your kiddos...)


This book is listing for
and you can read more about it
by clicking HERE.


and one last thing-
for those of you
(myself included)
who are nervous about teaching Math
to your kiddos,
don't fret!

This book...
...DOES have an answer key.  ;0)


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I received this product free in exchange for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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