Building a Dam Bordem Buster

I love spontaneous learning.

That is one of the reasons I continue
to grow a deep appreciation for Homeschooling.

One afternoon last week,
the kiddos and I went outside to play,
and Little Wild Man
began building a dam.
It wasn't long before the girls joined him
 on his little experiment.
I asked him what gave him the idea
to do this,
and he said he wanted to stop the water
from running down the driveway.

(We had turned on the outside faucet briefly
to water some seedlings.)
He also told me that he remembered seeing
beaver dams being built
on episodes of
(click HERE and look for the
"In Search of Sticks" video clip)
(click HERE and look for the
following videos clips about beavers:
"Beaver Lodge"
"Greatest Creature Builder"
"Building a Beaver Pond"
"Build It Beaver"-full episode).


The kiddos spent a good hour
constructing a dam using...
...dirt, leaves...
...and water.
LOTS of water!
To give the dam even sturdier construction,
Jungle Girl gathered the kiddos
knee saver boards that they use while gardening
and but them at the back of the dam.


Then came time to test out the dam...
Click on the above video clip
to view the final results!

(I am so proud of my kiddos'
creativity and ingenuity!)


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  1. I'm with you - spontaneous learning is the BEST!

  2. I loved doing that as a kid, it was always so much fun.

    Sadly for my kids, we've either had too much rain making building dams impossible or none...... Poor deprived kiddos.