Bible Alive! more...for now...

After much consideration,
and prayer,
I believe it is time to put...
...Bible Alive! Tuesday
to rest..

At least for now.

I am ready to ask, seek, and knock-
to discover what God has in store
for me and this blog.

I will be wrapping up being on the
TOS Crew 
at the end of May,
and not having 
Bible Alive! Tuesday to be responsible
for will really open up time
on the blog...

Time to see what God has in store
for the next chapter...

I would like to say
to those of you who
participated in
Bible Alive! Tuesday.

Keep on making the Bible
come ALIVE!
for your kiddos...


  1. Thanks to you for all the time you put into it. It certainly got me thinking about posting more of our Bible themed activities.

  2. Awwww, you will still post what you do from time to time, right? You always had the best ideas.