Expecting Easter: Suffering for Our Sins

When we opened the Resurrection Eggs
that contained...
...a miniature crown of thorns
and whip,
the kiddos and I discussed
both mentally and physically-
before his crucifixion.

(Little Wild Man was especially
by the thorny crown
placed on Jesus' head-
he recounted this part of the story
to Super Dad when he got home from work
in the evening.)


Instead of focusing too much on these gory details,
I had the kiddos think about
all the sins we have all committed,
which led Jesus to make such a sacrifice for
all of us.

The kiddos then...
...wrote sown their sins...
...and placed them into a small cross
shaped box I grabbed at the craft store
a few weeks ago.

(Please note that the pic above
was drawn by Little Wild Man-
he is apparently spitting at his sister...


After filling their boxes with their sins...
...I pulled out a bunch of pretty papers
for the kiddos to decorate their crosses.
They cut...
...and cut...
...and pasted...
...until their crosses were ready for display.

(We got rid of all the sins
 in the boxes on another evening,
so check back later and we will let you see
what we did with them...)

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