Expecting Easter: Cleansed by His...Blood?!?!?

As we continued going through our
...we reached one that had a cup inside of it,
which represented the last Passover Feast
Jesus ate with his disciples
before he was crucified.

After reading about the
Last Supper in the Bible,
I pointed out to the kiddos
what Jesus compared the bread and the wine to-
his body and blood.

We discussed how Jesus' blood sacrifice
can make us cleansed of our sin,
just like the sacrificial lambs did for the Israelites
in many of the Old Testament
stories we have read before.


After our discussion,
we completed an activity called
"Cleansed by the Blood,"
which can be found by clicking HERE.

I gave the kiddos each a laminated sheet
with the picture of a child on it.
The kiddos then took dry erase markers...
...and made the kiddos in their pictures...
...rather "marked up" by some of the
different sins a person could commit.

Here are their final results:

(Pretty "interesting," huh?)


To clean their pictures up...
...the kiddos took turns
dipping a paper towel into a cup of water,
which I referred to as
the blood of Christ.

...that's right,
Jesus' BLOOD can cleanse us
of all our sin!
the kiddos had to scrub pretty hard to
get their pictures totally cleaned.

That led to a discussion about how
even though our spirits can be fully
cleansed of our sin
by the blood of Christ,
our physical bodies can still suffer
repercussions of our former
sinful lives...

...that our spirits can be
clean as a whistle
because of Jesus' magnificent sacrifice!