Expecting Easter: Coloring Eggs and Resurrection Eggs

The Saturday evening before Easter,
the kiddos and I headed over
to a friend's house...
...and colored five dozen eggs.

We used THIS 
Kool-Aid coloring treatment
for our egg colors.

We then used did different techniques
to decorate the eggs,
such as:

A couple of the kiddos also brought
a Glitter Kit and a...
...Stamp Kit to use in the decorating process.
We all had a really good time...
...and created some really cool eggs.


After we were done with the egg decorating,
I pulled out our 
for one last time.

Since a couple of the kiddos there
had never seen these eggs before,
I briefly went through all the eggs again,
I must say,
I was glad I did.

One of the girls there was a bit
engrossed by how the soldiers
treated Jesus before (and during)
his crucifixion.

At one point,
she turned to me and asked,
"Did Jesus die like this
for THEM, too?"

What an AWESOME question.

It really brought home to me
the POWER of what Jesus did for
ALL of us.

are such a simple yet POWERFUL
witnessing tool for all ages-
keep in mind that the girl who asked 
me this question is currently in the
7th grade...)


To finish our evening off,
when we got home...
 ...the kiddos "buried" their sins
(from their Cross Boxes)...
 ...inside of the tomb... our Calvary Garden.

(Please note how nicely the Kool-Aid egg dye
colored Baby Girl's fingers-
her blood red finger tips really worked nicely
with her purple gingham Easter Dress...)  ;0)


(One more post,
and I will be all caught up with our
Expecting Easter activities-
Woot!  Woot!)

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