February 25th-March 2nd

What a fantastic week it has been here
in the Fantastic Five household...

On the Homeschool Front:

We continued with all our subjects
as usual,
except for Friday.

I made that a special themed day-
Dr. Seuss' birthday!

(I will link up what we did later
in detail how we celebrated...)


The weather has been a bit wonky 
around here-
March is DEFINITELY coming in
like a Lion.

One day it's GORGEOUS,
the next day is full of
tornado threats.

(Makes schooling at home interesting,
what with kiddos wanting
to hide in the downstairs bathroom
and all.)


Besides celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday.
we have my mother's, brother's, and cousin's
birthdays all at the end of February.

We went to my parents' home
on Saturday and ate cake.

Any time there is cake,
it's a PAR-TAY!!!


Other achievements from the week?

Baby Blue is sitting up
eating sweet potatoes.

(My kiddos think it is the 
COOLEST thing that the baby's parents
have the Baby Bullet-
and, to be honest, I do too.
Wish they had that around
when my kiddos were babies...)

and as the
"stick figure dust drawing" demonstrates,
I NEED to clean.


Perhaps I will get around to that
by the time Spring "officially" get here...


To read a detailed description 
of the above photos,
just click HERE...


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  1. I just love your homeschool....may I come celebrate my birthday with you!!??