Bible Alive! Tuesday- on a Thursday...

 Sorry I am late with this monthly linky-
Life has been crazy good around here,
do blog post have gone on the 
back burner...

I just wanted to let y'all know what 
the kiddos and I are going to be doing
this March and early April
to prepare us for


I am not part of the Catholic church.

(We attend the non-denominational
Christian church,
which in itself IS a denomination,
but that's another post...)

But one "thing" the Catholic Church does-
and does well-
that I wish the Christian church did too
is celebrate Lent.

it is not scriptural,
but the idea of spending 40 days
getting ready to celebrate
the BIGGEST sacrifice ever
made for man

we will be "lenting"
in our house,
but it won't be for a full forty days-
it will  be for about a month.

Instead of "giving up" something,
we will be adding something...
...Lenten Trees.

The tree chart above is in...
...THIS free Lent Activity E-Book.

We will be doing some of the listed activities
in the booklet as we
fill up our 
Lenten Trees.

We will also be doing some of the devotionals
and putting together a Jesus Tree
with the help of
Amy Voskamp's free

I am ready to "ready"
myself and my family
for the gift of the Resurrection...


If you have any fun ideas 
you have been using to make the 
Bible come Alive! for your kiddos,
please link them up below...



  1. I really like this idea. I've always felt it was a little odd to give up something, especially when it was something you probably should give up anyway. I really like adding something to prepare ourselves for Easter.

  2. I think God has been speaking to me to do a similar thing, and I'm trying to think through what I want that to be......... I don't know yet.

    Okay, I need to go back and link up several posts.