TOS Crew Review: See N Read/See N Spell

 During this school year,
I have been working more with Jungle Girl
on her composition skills,
including the editing process 
of a piece of writing.

So, when we received the...
 ...See-N-Spell manual to review,
I was ever-so-grateful!


 This book is an alphabetized list
of 300+ of the most commonly
misspelled words in the 
English language.

 It is only 40 pages long, 
so it is a handy-dandy reference tool
to have when working on compositions...
 ...just ask Jungle Girl.

She has recently completed writing a rather lengthy
fantasy story,
(with her brother as the main character...)
and now she has begun the daunting task
of editing her work.

This book... 
 ...has given her such confidence in the editing process!

As she goes through her work,
when she comes across a word
she may have misspelled...
 ...she goes to the alphabetized page that 
her word belongs on.

Each page is organized alphabetically,
as well as by parts of speech,
 ...pronouns, conjunctions, verbs, irregular verbs...
...adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and homophones.

not ALL the words Jungle Girl has questions about
are in the book-
but that's OK.
This tool is a starting point for her,
enabling her to get the proverbial
"ball rolling"
 without getting too frustrated
in the editing process.


This resource is only 
and I think that is a fair price
considering the heartache
it can save your kiddos
during the writing process.


Also, if you have struggling readers,
check out the other products
offered by the 


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 I received this product free
for my open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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